Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gig 'em!

I know in many parts of the country, football season brings cooler weather.
In Katy, Texas, it is still 100 degrees outside!
I made the littlest Aggie in our family a Jon Jon to wear on our football game days!
Reid wouldn't smile because it was nap time.
That's Jack peeking out the doggie door!

I used Creations By Michie', Pattern # 137, Jon Jon,
and I drew the applique design.

If we happen to have a cold spell he can wear a shirt under it.
I got this great shirt/onesie from Connie's Kids online. Here is the link!
I like this because it won't come untucked or get all bunched up under the Jon Jon.
For those who aren't Texans, ATM does not stand for the cash machine!
It stands for Texas A&M University!

Reid will look cute coming AND going with his little Gig'em pocket on the back!

We are all ready for today's game!

Here's hopin' that our Aggies have a good season.
It's our first year in the SEC and we will most likely
get our rears kicked , at least some of the time.
New coaching staff...freshman quarterback...
But we love our Aggies win or lose.

I hope whoever YOU cheer for has a great season!

and GIG 'EM!

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