Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby Blankets

It seems like I'm going to lots of baby showers these days.
My daughters are 27 and 29, so lots of their friends are having babies,
and lots of my friends' children are having babies.
One of my favorite gifts to give is a baby blanket, like the one I'm going to show you.

Each blanket takes 2 yards of fabric. I use Imperial broadcloth.
If you are making your own piping, you may need extra fabric.
The Imperial broadcloth is 60 " wide so you will have some big scraps.
I am lazy about the piping, and I usually buy it.

My daughter's friend, Amanda, is having twins,
and I'm giving her these blankets tomorrow at her shower...
One for Clara Lane, and one for Colby Wayne!

First, I cut two 1 yard squares of fabric, and use a cup,
or whatever is handy, to round the corners.

Then I take one of the squares and add the piping.

I bought an embroidery machine a couple of years ago,
 and I honestly have not been happy with it. It gives me a hard time.
I've had it worked on and I'm still having trouble,
but I did get these blankets monogrammed
after fighting with my machine for a couple of days. Ugh!
Of course, you could take the fabric somewhere to have it monogrammed,
or leave the fabric plain.
I monogram the square that is not piped, then sew the two squares together,
right sides together. Turn and press.

Last, I topstitch about 1/4 inch from the edge, around the blanket.

And here they are!
They are perfect for our climate,
and nice and big  to lay a baby on!

Happy Sewing!