Friday, July 27, 2012

Rocking Horse Embroidery

The inspiration for this outfit was this fabric.

Again, I used Creations by Michie', pattern #118, Diaper Shirt and Shorts.
This time, I left the collar off, and I think it turned out sweet!

I used white Imperial broadcloth for the shirt,
because I wanted a nice crisp white shirt.
If I had used batiste, the shadow embroidery would have shown up more.
As it is, it just looks outlined, but that works!

I couldn't find a rocking horse that was just right,
so I sort of combined ideas from other embroidery designs
and made this one.
I hand stitched the pocket on.

I made a matching burp cloth too, just for fun!

Note: We found that the shorts ran a little big on Reid, 
so I ended up taking out some of the fullness
and cutting about an inch off the top of the shorts at the wasteband.
Not sure if this was just us, or if the shorts run a little big.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another little dress...

  I made this little dress a couple of years ago just for fun.
I used a very old Erin/Lindsey pattern, by Yvonne Denise.
I've looked for it online and I think it must be out of print.
I'm sure there are lots of similar patterns out there,
but I really like this one.

I'm pretty sure I just made this design up.
If someone recognizes the plate, correct me if I'm wrong!

I really love the colors in this fabric. 
I usually use solid colors because the smocking shows up more clearly on solids.
Sometimes it's fun to smock on a print for a change, isn't it? I tried to use colors that would show up well. There's a tiny spec of pink in the flowers on the fabric that is hard to see in the pictures, but that's why I used pink in the smocking.

Another dress waiting for a future granddaughter...:)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sailing, Sailing

I made this little romper last summer using
Creations by Michie', Baby Romper, pattern #133.
The fabric is blue and white striped seersucker.
I added a little stitching around the collar, and tacked down the corners.
It makes me crazy when collars flop up, and they seem to do it more on baby clothing. I often leave collars off, but this romper needed a collar.
 Just putting one little stitch to hold the collar down did the trick!

I attached my shadow embroidery square by
stitching little X stitches in the 4 corners.
The shadow embroidery design can be found in
Michie' Mooney's book, Heirloom Embroidery.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Sweet Pink Bishop

Well, I wasn't going to keep posting on my blog because I didn't think anyone was reading it. I was happy to see that a few of you ARE reading it, so I will keep posting! :)

I made a little bishop like this one for a friend's baby girl a couple of years ago.
 I liked it so much that I made another one to keep...until I give it to my own granddaughter someday...because I like to look at it!

The dress is made of ballet pink Imperial batiste, and the plate is Baby Sister, by Gayle Meyers. It is one of my all time favorite plates. I just think it is so sweet!

The sleeves...

Have you been busy making pretty things? I would love to see your projects!