Thursday, April 9, 2015

Babes in Blue

These babies are wiggly!
It's hard to get great photos of these two sweeties.
Though Reid looks like he's about to hop away,
this one is pretty cute. :)

Georgia Kate, Mumsie, Poppies and Reid
(with a mouth full of jelly beans!)...

Hope your Easter was happy!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Blue Easter Dress

Georgia Kate's Easter dress...

No smocking for Easter this year!
I showed Brittany a few ideas for Easter,
and this is what she wanted for our sweet Georgia Kate.
The dress pattern is Lee, by Children's Corner.
I made it out of blue Imperial broadcloth.
Though I know this isn't an "heirloom" fabric,
it is much more practical for my daughter, who doesn't love to iron.

I made the collar detachable, thinking I can make another collar for the dress.
The collar is attached using clear plastic snaps at the shoulder seams, center front, and back.

I hope you are finished, or close to finished,
 with your Easter sewing!