Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

Hopping in the bluebonnets...

So thankful for our sweet boy...

Wishing you all a blessed Easter!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Reid loves airplanes.
He has some seriously good hearing and eyesight.
He notices every single airplane in the sky long before we hear it or see it.
He looks up and points and doesn't take his eyes off the plane until it is out of sight.
Then he says, "Bye bye!" :)

Well, of course, Mumsie had to smock her sweet boy some airplanes!
I used my most frequently used pattern,
Creations by Michie', pattern #137, the Jon Jon.
The fabric is royal blue Imperial microcheck, lined with Imperial broadcloth.

The plate is Joe's Toy Planes,
designed by Laura Jenkins Thompson, for Terry Jane, Inc.

I asked Michie' if she had any plans to make the Jon Jon in toddler sizes,
and good news! She is working on it!

Reid was at our house today, and when he was leaving
 I laid the outfit in the seat next to his carseat.
He spotted it and smiled, and wanted to hold it.
I showed him the airplanes and he wouldn't let go of the outfit!!!
His mom said he snuggled it all the way home.
 Isn't that the sweetest thing? It just made me want to cry.
Probably only a smocker would understand that...
Or maybe only a smocking grandmother...:)

Happy Sewing!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dainty Light Blue

Another project finished!
I just love light blue on baby girls.
This dress was made of Imperial batiste.
The pattern is Chery Williams bishop.

The sleeve...

I embroidered little bullion roses along them hemline.

The plate I used is called Lullaby, from Austrailian Smocking and Embroidery #76.
I just changed the flowers, but the waves are the same.
Don't you miss that magazine? I do!

We went for my daughter's 20 week (21 weeks and 2 days!) ultrasound
today, and we got to see the baby waving at us.
Aren't babies just such miracles? Every single one of them!
I wonder if the baby is a girl that will wear this dress?
If the baby is a boy, the dress will wait
for another grandchild or special friend.
I will be equally excited either way!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ducks in a Row

Ta Daa!
Reid's Easter outfit is done!
I used Creations by Michie', Pattern #114, the Smocked Romper.
The fabric is blue gingham, 1/16th inch checks.

The plate I used is Ellen McCarn's, Ducks in a Row.
Quack Quack!

I have this week off for spring break, so I'm busy finishing a couple of things.
My posts and finished projects seem to coincide with the school calendar! :/

Happy Sewing!