Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Gift

I remember once when I was reading Jeannie B.'s blog,
Jeannie talked about pretending to open a gift you are about to give someone.
It made me laugh, because I do that too!
I'll bet lots of you do that too.
I thought it might be fun for you to pretend you are opening this gift!

I made this for a special little newborn named Pepper!
Isn't that an adorable happy little name?
I'm mailing this tomorrow.

Have fun opening it! :)

Won't Pepper be precious in her pink?

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Reid stayed with us yesterday for several hours.
When he came over, he was wearing his airplane Jon Jon.
Wayne decided we should take him to see some real airplanes
at a small private airport near us.

They have a second floor window you can look out,
but we couldn't take him any closer to the planes.
He loved seeing the planes land and take off,
and saying the colors of the planes.

Trying to get a closer look...

When we were on our way to the airport,
I told him we were going to see some real airplanes.
He kept looking down at this Jon Jon
and pointing to his airplanes and saying "plane"!
Of course, this made his Mumsie smile! :)

Happy Sewing!