Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Gift

I remember once when I was reading Jeannie B.'s blog,
Jeannie talked about pretending to open a gift you are about to give someone.
It made me laugh, because I do that too!
I'll bet lots of you do that too.
I thought it might be fun for you to pretend you are opening this gift!

I made this for a special little newborn named Pepper!
Isn't that an adorable happy little name?
I'm mailing this tomorrow.

Have fun opening it! :)

Won't Pepper be precious in her pink?

Happy Sewing!


  1. What a sweet, sweet gift this is! The smocking is so soft and pretty. I especially love that you smocked the back as well as the front. Pepper's mama is going to love this--and love you for making it.

  2. What a sweet ensemble! I love the smocked lamb on the gown - I'll have to remember that for a future gift. What font/size did you use on the blanket?