Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blue Whales

This is probably the last outfit I will make Reid for the summer.
I am going to get busy sewing for baby #2
now that Reid has a nice little wardrobe for summer!

For this outfit, I used Creations by Michie',
pattern #117, the Front Button Romper.
 You can get the pattern at

Aren't the little whales so cute?
I had been looking for just the right fabric to use this pattern with,
 and I was so excited when I found this!

I just blew up the whale a tiny bit on the copy machine
and traced a whale for my shadow embroidery.

I used Imperial broadcloth for the collar because I wanted it to look nice and crisp.
The "shadow" would have shown more on batiste...

Here is the back!

I think this pattern is adorable and has lots of possibilities.

I might be pushing my luck a bit with Reid's daddy,
but it will make his mommy happy and it makes his Mumsie happy.
He can wear it when daddy is not around! :)

I know Reid will love it. He loves sea animals. He loves ANY "a-muls"!

Happy Sewing!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vroom Vroom...

Another quick little Jon Jon using Creations by Michie', pattern # 137!

I thought this fabric was cute for a little boy.


I was going to line the Jon Jon in the same fabric, but I messed up a piece of it,
then when I went back to buy more fabric, it was gone!
So...I lined it in green gingham. I don't love the combination, but it works.

Here is the finished product!
It looks nice and cool for our very hot weather,
and could be worn into the fall.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

R is for Reid

I haven't made very many things with Reid's name on them.
I have made some things with just an R though.
The reason is that if Brittany has another boy,
she has another R name picked out for the second little boy!
Of course, it would be nice for more than one child to wear the outfits...

Here is today's R creation...
(once again...Creations by Michie', Pattern #137...which I have about worn out...)


I have a monogram/applique machine,
but I don't even know how to applique with it!!!
I just do it the old fashioned way.
I just drew the R and made a little pattern.

And this one needed a little pocket on the back!

I love this fabric! The colors make me happy!

And you know what else makes me happy?
Our second grandchild will be here one month from today!
Unless he/she decides to surprise us and come early...:)

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yellow for a Baby Girl

I'm going to a baby shower Saturday for my friend's daughter, Diana.
Diana's mom, Pam, and I met at college orientation at A&M!
We were suite mates at orientation and formed a friendship
 that has lasted 37+ years.
Pam lives about an hour and a half away.
We meet half way between our houses once or twice a year for lunch
 and yack nonstop for hours.
We never finish all the topics that we need to cover!!!
Do you have any friends like that?

Pam and I have had very parallel lives.
Our oldest children, both daughters, got married on the same day!
We had not discussed wedding dates, but we weren't at all surprised
that they ended up planning weddings for the same day.
That meant we didn't get to go to each other's daughters weddings,
but it was so typical of how our lives have been.

Diana has an adorable little boy, Grant,
and is expecting a baby girl who will be named Presley.

Here is Presley's present!

And here is what's inside...

The sleeve...

The back...

I know Baby Presley will look sweet in her little smocked gown,
and it made me very happy to make it for her.

I hope you are sewing something that makes YOU happy!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I got this fabric at an interesting store in Fredricksburg, Texas a couple of years ago.

I made a little Jon Jon for Reid today out of it.

A very quick and easy project!
Sometimes those are fun!
I hope Reid likes his Tuh-tuls!

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


What is it about boys and transportation?
For some reason they love cars, trucks, airplanes and trains.
Reid doesn't love bicycles yet, but they look boyish.
I know my days of smocking for him are numbered,
so I'm trying to squeeze in a few more Jon Jons with boyish smocking.

The pattern is Creations by Michie', the Jon Jon, # 137.
The plate is by Lou Anne Lamar and it's called Burt's Bikes.
I've had this plate forever, but I've never made it.

Only about 6 more weeks until grandbaby #2 arrives!
Then I'll have someone new to smock for!
Reid's daddy will probably be happy about that! Ha!

Happy Sewing
and Happy Summer!!!