Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yellow for a Baby Girl

I'm going to a baby shower Saturday for my friend's daughter, Diana.
Diana's mom, Pam, and I met at college orientation at A&M!
We were suite mates at orientation and formed a friendship
 that has lasted 37+ years.
Pam lives about an hour and a half away.
We meet half way between our houses once or twice a year for lunch
 and yack nonstop for hours.
We never finish all the topics that we need to cover!!!
Do you have any friends like that?

Pam and I have had very parallel lives.
Our oldest children, both daughters, got married on the same day!
We had not discussed wedding dates, but we weren't at all surprised
that they ended up planning weddings for the same day.
That meant we didn't get to go to each other's daughters weddings,
but it was so typical of how our lives have been.

Diana has an adorable little boy, Grant,
and is expecting a baby girl who will be named Presley.

Here is Presley's present!

And here is what's inside...

The sleeve...

The back...

I know Baby Presley will look sweet in her little smocked gown,
and it made me very happy to make it for her.

I hope you are sewing something that makes YOU happy!

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  1. What pattern did you use to make this?? Lovely