Sunday, June 9, 2013


What is it about boys and transportation?
For some reason they love cars, trucks, airplanes and trains.
Reid doesn't love bicycles yet, but they look boyish.
I know my days of smocking for him are numbered,
so I'm trying to squeeze in a few more Jon Jons with boyish smocking.

The pattern is Creations by Michie', the Jon Jon, # 137.
The plate is by Lou Anne Lamar and it's called Burt's Bikes.
I've had this plate forever, but I've never made it.

Only about 6 more weeks until grandbaby #2 arrives!
Then I'll have someone new to smock for!
Reid's daddy will probably be happy about that! Ha!

Happy Sewing
and Happy Summer!!!


  1. The bikes are adorable! You always make such cute boy things!

  2. wow great ideas for boy babies... Good work Karen:):)