Friday, July 27, 2012

Rocking Horse Embroidery

The inspiration for this outfit was this fabric.

Again, I used Creations by Michie', pattern #118, Diaper Shirt and Shorts.
This time, I left the collar off, and I think it turned out sweet!

I used white Imperial broadcloth for the shirt,
because I wanted a nice crisp white shirt.
If I had used batiste, the shadow embroidery would have shown up more.
As it is, it just looks outlined, but that works!

I couldn't find a rocking horse that was just right,
so I sort of combined ideas from other embroidery designs
and made this one.
I hand stitched the pocket on.

I made a matching burp cloth too, just for fun!

Note: We found that the shorts ran a little big on Reid, 
so I ended up taking out some of the fullness
and cutting about an inch off the top of the shorts at the wasteband.
Not sure if this was just us, or if the shorts run a little big.

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