Friday, August 3, 2012

Reid's First Birthday

Reid's 1st birthday was May 23.
He had the most adorable Brown Bear Brown Bear party at the park!

 Rather than bringing gifts for Reid, 
my daughter and son-in-law asked guests to bring stuffed teddy bears
to be donated to the police department for children in crisis.
Reid is the first grandchild on both sides, so as you can imagine,
he really didn't need gifts, and he doesn't know the difference right now.
I thought that was such a good idea!


Of course, his Mumsie needed to make him a special brown bear outfit!

I used Imperial royal blue microcheck fabric.
The pattern is Corey's Bubble, by Maja's Heirlooms.
The plate is Huggy Bear, by Ellen McCarn.

I think the pattern would be adorable on a boy or a girl,
 but I expecially loved it on him because it wasn't too full.
He still looked like a baby, but not too foo foo for his daddy. :)

This is Reid with his mommy, my daughter, Brittany, and his daddy, Chris.

I also made Reid a bib, using an online pattern called "The Bapron".
If the link doesn't work, just google "bapron" and you will find a link.

At first Reid was not too sure about his cupcake...

...then he decided it was funny!

My crafty friend, JoDee, told me about the Bapron.
She told me to cut it a little bigger than the pattern. I did, but it was still a bit tight.
 If you make it for a one year old, I would make it about an inch bigger everywhere.
The great thing about the bib is that it really does keep the baby pretty clean!
It can't be lifted up because it goes under the baby's arms!

Reid was just beginning to walk at his party,
and I love this picture of him walking with his Popsie.
Look how he is holding up his little arms to keep his balance. :)
You can also kind of see the back of his outfit and how the pattern looks.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Reid's special day.
This is Wayne's mother, Reid's great grandmother, Guinny.


  1. Hi Patrice!!!

    I just found your blog when I saw the outfit you put on Pintrest. I have LOVED looking at your blog. I haven't smocked anything since Kelly was in 2nd grade. I'm looking forward to starting it up again. You always did beautiful work. Do you still go to Buttons and Bows? I haven't been there in so long and I used to live there!!! I'm wondering if my old pleater will even work now. I'll keep checking your blog! Beverly

    1. Hi Beverly! Thank you. :) Yes, I still go to Buttons and Bows, and I also order fabric online from different places. I wondered the same thing about my pleater. It still works, but I think I need to get all new needles. I replaces some, but one place sort of skips when it is pleating. I hope the bar isn't bent. I don't know if there is someone who works on pleaters. ??? If I find any info on that I will let you know. I'm excited that you are going to start smocking again. I found that I had not forgotten how to smock, but it took a few projects to get my sewing skills back to where they were. One book that has good tips and has helped me is A-Z of Sewing for Smockers. Here is a link! Marge may have it at Buttons and Bows.

      Thanks for reading my blog! Let me know if you get stuck on something. It won't take long for it all to come back to you. :)

  2. Can I pay Mumsie to make an outfit just like that one? Pretty please???