Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Love Lavendar and Blue...

I loved making this dress.
It is another dress I am saving in my grandmother's "hope closet"
for a future granddaughter.
The colors just make me happy! :)

Again, I used an old Yvonne Denise pattern, called Erin Lindsey, for the dress.
I think it is out of print, but I'm sure there are other patterns just like it.
I made this last year, and I cannot remember the plate I used. :(
If I remember I will come back and edit this post!
I may have made it up or combined ideas from other plates.
I honestly have no clue.

I kind of winged it on the lace collar. I just gathered some lace and measured
 to see how long the piece needed to be and sewed it in between
the yoke and yoke facings, right sides of facings together.

So that's really helpful of me, isn't it?
A pattern that is out of print and a mystery design plate. Hmmm...
Oh well, maybe you'll just think it is fun to look at!

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