Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pumpkins and Turkeys

I know it seems really early to think about pumpkins or turkeys,
but I thought some of you might be ready to start a fall project before long.

I made this outfit for Reid last fall. The idea was good, but it needs some tweaking!
I wanted him to have a pumpkin outfit for his first fall,
and a turkey outfit for his first Thanksgiving.
I knew he could wear pumpkins for a couple of months,
but the turkey he might only wear a couple of times.
I decided to try making 2 collars for the same outfit.

The pattern I used was Creations by Michie', #103, Knickers.

I used green Imperial microcheck for the outfit.
I made 2 different shadow embroidery collars out of white Imperial batiste.
This is the first one:

The smaller pumpkin is in Michie's Heirloom Embroidery book.
I think I just drew the taller one.
When I finished the collar, it needed a little something extra,
so I added the writing. :)
Here's our little pumpkin in his outfit at the pumpkin patch!
He was about 5 months old in this picture. is what I did. I just finished off the outfit separately, without a collar.
I made a completely separate collar using the front pattern pieces only.
(I cut 2 of the front piece, one was for the lining.)
I trimmed the collar with entredeux, and weaved floss through it.
I put clear plastic snaps on the shoulders of the outfit
and on the shoulders of the collar.

I made an additional collar for Thanksgiving.
I just drew the turkey.

The collars were interchangable on the same outfit.
Here is our little turkey on Thanksgiving.
We live in Katy, Texas, near Houston, and it was hot outside!

Although he looks adorable (doesn't he?!), you can see in this picture
 that it looked sort of funny having the collar just stop at the shoulders.
I guess it would have been better to make an entire collar, front and back.
If I ever try this again, that's what I'll do.

I also need to learn how to turn corners with entredeux.
Does anyone know if there is a tutorial online showing how to do that?
If you look closely at the picture above,
you can see that my corners sort of roll under.
I know there is a better way to do that...

Reid with his mommy...

Reid chillin' in the patch with his little friend Clara, who hated the pumpkins!!!
Hahaha! Isn't she a doll?! :)

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