Saturday, January 3, 2015

One thing leads to another...

The red cape looked adorable with Georgia Kate's Christmas dress!
So... now that Christmas is over 
she needed a couple of other dresses to wear with her cape!
I found this pretty cream colored fabric with red roses on it.
I started smocking not really knowing what I was going to smock,
and just decided to keep it pretty simple since the fabric makes a statement by itself.
I just stuck with a red geometric, and added a touch of green to the borders.
The pattern I used is Lee, by Children's Corner, which I've had since my girls were little.
I added some length, since dresses are a bit longer now than they were 25-30 years ago.

And you know that "one thing leads to another" thing?
Well, she had to have some new red Mary Janes to go with her red dress!

Oh my gosh!!!
I absolutely love having this little baby doll to sew for!!!!
I hope you are making something fun!!!!


  1. The dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the sweet details: the tiny piping, self-fabric ruffles, puffed sleeves with narrow bias binding. The smocking is beautiful, too. Of course, she needed red shoes! My daughter needed them in every size from her birth until now (21 years later)!

  2. Thank you so much, Karen!!! You are so sweet. So glad you love it! :)

  3. Oh my this is beautiful... and such lovely smocking! So happy for you that you have a wee one in your circle to sew for . Thanks for sharing.