Monday, January 5, 2015

Be My Valentine

I had some cream and red corduroy scraps left over from the cape and bonnets!

I wanted to make a Valentine's Day jumper for my precious Valentine!
I didn't have quite enough of the red or cream corduroy to do what I was first thinking.
So I wiggled some pieces around, and thought about it, and this is what I made!

I added a little strip of red corduroy at the bottom,
because I didn't have quite enough of the cream colored corduroy.

And...the back!
I didn't have enough red for the back bodice, so I used cream!
I added the little red tabs so that the bodice could be tightened a bit.

It was so much fun to make, and cuter than it might have been
had I not had to figure out how to squeeze out enough fabric.
I ordered a little cream colored long sleeved t-shirt for her to wear underneath.

And, of course, her little red Mary Janes will be perfect with it! :)
Happy Sewing!!!


  1. It is just lovely. Always amazing what will be created when being challenged with a little less fabric when needed.

  2. Thank you so much! It was fun and so quick to make!