Friday, January 2, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood/Bonnet

So...we decided that our little peach needed a red cape this year.
And here it is!
The color is a little off in the first two photos,
but you can see the color in the other photos.
 I have been debating about whether to share this cape and bonnet
for a couple of reasons.
One is, I know some of you will want to know what pattern I used.
I didn't have a pattern for a cape, and I looked and looked for one.
I found a vintage cape pattern that was close to what I wanted,
so I bought it, and made some changes.
After sewing it, I want to make a couple of additional changes.
All that to say, I'm hoping to make my own cape pattern
and have it ready for next fall!
Not 100% sure I can make that happen, but I'm going to try.
To be honest, I don't have any experience in grading patterns to different sizes.
If any of you can point me in the right direction to figure that out, please do!
The cape is made of red pinwale corduroy,
and lined with red Imperial broadcloth,
so it is lightweight for our central Texas weather.
The cape did not have a hood, so I made a bonnet to match!

And while I was at it, I made a cream colored one too.

My daughter had purchased a few bonnets from a certain bonnet company.
We love their bonnets. They are $52 each.
I decided to make my own pattern and I totally copied their bonnets.
I am never sure exactly what all the "rules" are,
but I'm pretty sure it's okay for me to copy the bonnet for my own use.
This company also sells capes, which sell for $105- $124.
We did not buy one. :)
So now, prepare yourself for some serious cuteness, please...

She knew she was so cute,
and she just turned her little hands out
 and started prancing down the street!

I hope our Little Red Riding Hood makes you smile! :)


  1. I love this whole outfit! Especially that adorable bonnet! I recognize the style and love that you were able to make your own pattern from a bonnet you purchased. Your little one looks just adorable! Blessings!

  2. Thank you, Karen! She's our little baby doll!