Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Eve Surprise!

We always open our gifts on Christmas Eve after church.
This year, Brittany suggested that we open one gift each before church.
She handed me a "together" gift for Wayne and I to open.
I had been wishing for a calendar made of pictures of Reid,
but didn't ask her to make me one.
I thought it was something she might have thought of,
and didn't want to spoil her surprise if she had.
I was so excited when I opened the completely adorable calendar!

Here is the front. :)

This is March...

I was just loving every page of the precious pictures...
Then I came to July...

What was I so surprised about???

We had no idea! Brittany and Chris had known for 5 weeks
and kept it a secret so that they could surprise us at Christmas!
Isn't that FUN?!?!

Reid was surprised when he found out too!

He will make the most wonderful big brother to whoever this little baby is!
We won't know until July, because once again the
baby's mommy and daddy want to be surprised!
They are just full of surprises!!!

I hope you have some happy surprises
coming your way soon!

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