Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blue Daygown for a Baby Girl

Anyone else having trouble uploading pictures to your blog?
I've had this ready to post for a few days and blogger is having some issues.
Wayne helped me figure out a round about way to get these pictures loaded.
I hope they fix the problem soon!
I already SO miss all the time I spent in my sewing room over the holidays.
I had to go back to school (work) yesterday,
but I'm trying to be thankful I have a good job and work with nice people.

I'd rather be sewing!!!
Here is another half finished project that is now finished!

I used my usual baby gown pattern for this one,
which is an old (28 years old!)Yvonne Denise pattern.
The gown is made of Imperial batiste.
I know y'all probably hate it when I do this, but I don't know what plate I used! :/
Probably something from an Austrailian Smocking and Embroidery magazine?
You could follow it pretty easily by looking at the close up picture though.
It's not a fancy design.

This is the back of the gown. I use clear plastic snaps to close the back of my gowns,
then add a button and a button loop made of embroidery thread.

The sleeve...

The hem...

This gown will hang in the closet of my sewing room
until I decide there is a little baby who needs it!
I've noticed my closet is filling up with girl clothes!!!
I guess that's because every single boy thing is now in Reid's closet!
Guess I should make a few boy things...

I am more reluctant to give smocked things at baby showers to those having boys.
I have given a few baby boy gowns away, and I'm not sure the babies never wore them.
I love these gowns far too much to give them
to someone who doesn't want to put them on their baby boy!
I know some people just don't dress their boys that way...

Poor them! :)

Happy Sewing!

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