Saturday, December 8, 2012

Little Red Wagons

I stole another idea from Michie's blog ...

I used Creations by Michie' pattern #134, Baby Romper with Yoke.
The fabric is pima cotton gingham.
The plate I used is Little Red Wagons, by Mollie Jane Taylor.

I got the idea while clicking around on Michie's website one day,
but now I can't find the exact page that I found the picture on!
However, I did find a picture of a similar outfit in Jon Jon form!

Can't wait to see this on our sweet grandboy!
I will post a picture of him in it as soon as I get one!

Yes, I know it looks like a warm weather outfit, but guess what?
It is STILL 80 degrees here!
Expecting a cool front Monday...
it's a little hard to feel Christmasy when it's hot and humid. :/

Off to wrap gifts!
I'll put on some Christmas carols to help set the stage...
And turn down the A/C? And light a fire in the fireplace?
Maybe that will help...

Happy Sewing!

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