Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smocked Baby Gowns

My daughter and son-in-law did not find out if their baby was a boy or a girl until birth day. They wanted to be surprised...which was DANDY...
unless you were the grandmother who wanted to sew for the little angel!
I made both a boy and a girl going home outfit, and both boy and girl baby gowns so I would have it covered. Here are some of the boy gowns I made.

I used a 27 year old Yvonne Denise pattern called Terry/Rachel to make these gowns. Apparently they have joined with ABC Kids patterns and you can find the pattern here:

The new pattern may have been adjusted,
but when I make the gowns using the old pattern I cut about 2 " off the sleeve length. 
I use Imperial batiste for most baby gowns.

The plate used below is Ducklings, by Ellen McCarn.

This one is Pony Tales, by Little Memories.
I think this pony is really too large for a baby gown, even though it's a really cute pony.
Next time I would do a smaller pony. :)

The plate below is Nighty Night, by Little Memories.
Reid looks like he is ready to go nighty night doesn't he? Big yawn...

My daughter thought the yellow gown looked like a girl gown,
so I changed the sheep's bow and flowers to pink, and now it is a girl gown.
 Here it is anyway.
The plate is Sarah's Sheep, by Creative Keepsakes.

When I make boy gowns, I usually put a drawstring in the bottom, so it is really a "saque".
Sometimes I put a drawstring in girl gowns, and sometimes not.

My son-in-law, of course, thought they ALL looked like girl gowns,
so when he was around when Reid had them on, we call them "bags".
That seems to make him feel better.;) He's a good sport.

I smock the back of my gowns too, and add a placket, which the old pattern does not call for, but the new pattern might. I use clear plastic snaps, and add a tiny button with a buttonhole loop to close the back.

And for the record, even though it made me crazy sewing-wise,
it was SO FUN to not know what the baby was until he was born. :)

Happy Sewing!

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