Monday, May 4, 2015

Mary Had a Little Lamb

This is not my prettiest smocking job,
but there is a reason I'm showing this dress to you.
I know my back smocking is too tight,
so don't judge. :)
I started this dress 21 years ago!!!
For real.
I have identical twin nieces who are 22,
and I was planning to make two of these dresses
for their 2nd birthdays, with different plates.
I got most of the smocking done on both dresses,
then it seems I just stopped!
They have been in a plastic baggie waiting to be finished
for 21 years.
I finished one of them last week!
The pattern I used is Erin/Lindsey by Yvonne Denise.
An oldie, but goodie.
still carries the pattern.
The plate is Mary's Little Lamb,
by Gwen Milner.
I love all of Gwen's designs.
I wish she was still designing!

I think Georgia Kate will look like a little doll in this classic dress.
And that's the main point of this post.
Classic smocking doesn't go out of style.
Twenty one years later, it still works.
And it will work in another twenty.
Happy Sewing!!!

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