Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Little Whimsy

Remember that fabric I showed you from a while back?
This is what I made out of it!
I used Creations by Michie Pattern #132,
the Sunsuit/Sundress pattern.
You can get the pattern here:
I just added the little ruffle,
because I had the coordinating fabric and wanted to use it. 

I just happened to have the ric rac on hand
in the perfect color!

And I made little bloomers to match!
Looking at this picture, I probably should have tried to match the dots on the seams,
but they will be under the dress, so it's okay.

This was a fun Sunday project!
Can't wait to see our sweet Peaches wearing this outfit!
Happy Sewing!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mary Had a Little Lamb

This is not my prettiest smocking job,
but there is a reason I'm showing this dress to you.
I know my back smocking is too tight,
so don't judge. :)
I started this dress 21 years ago!!!
For real.
I have identical twin nieces who are 22,
and I was planning to make two of these dresses
for their 2nd birthdays, with different plates.
I got most of the smocking done on both dresses,
then it seems I just stopped!
They have been in a plastic baggie waiting to be finished
for 21 years.
I finished one of them last week!
The pattern I used is Erin/Lindsey by Yvonne Denise.
An oldie, but goodie.
still carries the pattern.
The plate is Mary's Little Lamb,
by Gwen Milner.
I love all of Gwen's designs.
I wish she was still designing!

I think Georgia Kate will look like a little doll in this classic dress.
And that's the main point of this post.
Classic smocking doesn't go out of style.
Twenty one years later, it still works.
And it will work in another twenty.
Happy Sewing!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Babes in Blue

These babies are wiggly!
It's hard to get great photos of these two sweeties.
Though Reid looks like he's about to hop away,
this one is pretty cute. :)

Georgia Kate, Mumsie, Poppies and Reid
(with a mouth full of jelly beans!)...

Hope your Easter was happy!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Blue Easter Dress

Georgia Kate's Easter dress...

No smocking for Easter this year!
I showed Brittany a few ideas for Easter,
and this is what she wanted for our sweet Georgia Kate.
The dress pattern is Lee, by Children's Corner.
I made it out of blue Imperial broadcloth.
Though I know this isn't an "heirloom" fabric,
it is much more practical for my daughter, who doesn't love to iron.

I made the collar detachable, thinking I can make another collar for the dress.
The collar is attached using clear plastic snaps at the shoulder seams, center front, and back.

I hope you are finished, or close to finished,
 with your Easter sewing!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sweet White Gown

The Houston Ballet hosts a fabulous shopping event
every year in November called the Nutcracker Market.
Vendors from all over the country compete
to get into this show.
My friends, Cindy and Sharon, and I,
used to go to this event together every year,
until it became so crazy crowded that we gave up on going.
Maybe next year.
Anyway...long before my precious grandchildren were born, I spotted this little dress at the Nutcracker Market
and had to have it for a future grandbaby.
It has been hanging in my closet until today,
when I gave it to Georgia Kate.
I thought it was a dress, but my daughter
thinks it is a nightgown.
Either way, I love it!!!
It is by Designs by Beverly.
I just looked online and it looks like she is still in business!
I don't see this exact gown, but her things are so pretty!

Look at the detail on the sleeve. So sweet!

I didn't make this one, but I sure love it. :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Pretty Pink Floral

It's Spring Break!
The weather has been cool and dreary which is just fine with me!
 I'm spending this week finishing up half finished projects
and starting some new ones.
I started this little dress a few months ago,
 and finally hemmed it last night.
I used an old Yvonne Denise pattern, "Erin Lindsey".

I just made up the smocking. I kept it very simple.

I tried to pick up the various shades of pink in the fabric, along with the yellow.

I think Miss Georgia Kate will wear this dress often. 
A little white blouse could be worn underneath, or not.
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rodeo Time!

It's rodeo time in Texas!
Reid wore big boy cowboy clothes this year,
but Georgia Kate needed something to wear
with the red boots her daddy bought her!
I made this little jumper for her out of navy twill.

I copied a picture I found online for the horse.

Our little cowboy and cowgirl...

 Yee Haw!

Monday, February 16, 2015

She's Wearing the Dress :)

Thought you would enjoy this picture of our precious Georgia Kate
wearing the dress Mumsie made for her.
(See post from January 3, 2015)
I love her so much I can hardly stand it!